Two Links, Different Anchor Text, Same URL: Does it Matter to Google?

In his latest Webmaster Help video, Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts discusses what happens to the flow of PageRank when Google crawls a page and finds two links on a page pointing to the same target, but each uses unique anchor text.

What Search Strategists Overlooked in the New York Times Leaked Innovation Report

The authors of the Innovation Report were ruthlessly introspective about their search visibility, ranking, and optimization. Here are some highlights, including a number of obstacles the team has faced in terms of search marketing over the years.

Jon Rognerud: 8 Easy Ways Small Businesses Keep up With Technology

Are you struggling to post to social media, even though you know that it's the right thing to do for your business? You're not alone; many people find that having a social media presence for their business can take hours away from actually running their company.

Did Your Manual Penalty Disappear? It Probably Expired

Did you know that all Google manual penalties have an expiration date? In some cases, they can expire after just a few months. In other cases it can take years. So is there a discernible pattern to help us know when a penalty is going to expire?

Allie Gray Freeland: 4 Marketing Tactics for SEO, PR, ORM and Content Marketing Experts

The era of digital marketing as an all-encompassing, multi-channel, multi-faceted, integrated approach is here

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Scott MacFarland: Simple Tips to Create Increased Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a term that is tossed around frequently in marketing circles. I am finding out that even though many of us are using it in daily conversation, there is an element of confusion. This phrase has become more buzz-term friendly than user friendly. Let's clear up the confusion, shall we?