Stop writing about keywords – Consider topics and users

There is much debate about SEO and some would argue it’s getting even harder to produce greater visibility and stronger search results; more backlinks are demanded and you need more than adding the keywords a couple of times for great success. There is no more shortcuts and you truly need to learn SEO to rank…

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Majestic 3D Prints Data Visualization of “The Internet” in Space

Mission Completed! In March 2016 we announced that we were, quite literally, leaving this world as we aspire to make history amongst the stars… well, we’ve done it! With the help of Made In Space’s 3D printer (additive manufacturing facility) designed to work in zero gravity, we managed to achieve our 18-month long quest of…

All you need to master your site speed without getting overwhelmed

Poor website performance is one of the most widespread problems for business websites, yet it’s the most essential one hurting your business on many levels, from lost customers to bad reputation.

These easy-to-use tools will help you solve the problem.

Fresh Index Doubles (Historic Index Passes new Milestone)

Majestic’s Fresh Index currently boasts a whopping 354.72 Billion (unique) URLs crawled. This number shows a dramatic growth rate, being more than double the size it was in September 2016. The Majestic Index developed steadily because of some technical wizardry.  Here’s the obligatory screenshot. Majestic Crawled Index Before Becoming Too Excited The magnitude debate (Mine…

Majestic Analytics Update 2016, part 2

Before the New Year time we reported on some research into Top Level Domains. This time the Majestic Big Data insights team have analysed some of the individual domains, which have grew the most during 2016. 2016: The year in Domains Diving straight in and look at the data in the Majestic Index. The increase…

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Easy Marketing Investments to Improve Your E-Commerce Store

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At least once or twice per month, I talk to a small e-commerce store owner who wants to invest in content marketing. Often times, I have to break it to them that they’re not ready for content marketing.

You see, before you spend a bunch of time generating traffic from your target audience, it’s important to make sure those visitors get the best experience possible while browsing your store.

Five common mistakes small businesses make with their online presence

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All small businesses need to know how to create a consistent online presence. 54% of small businesses currently have a website, but this isn’t nearly enough if you want to create an effective web presence in order to approach potential customers.

Often small business owners can feel overwhelmed when trying to explore the most suitable online opportunities. So to help out, here are some of the most common mistakes they can avoid in 2017.

1) Ignoring local SEO

Moz Local Brightens Map Maker Shutdown Blues with Google NAP Change Alerts

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“Why, there’s a change in the weather, there’s a change in the sea
So from now on, there’ll be a change in me.”
Ethel Waters - There’ll Be Some Changes Made